MOTD – Intestines 09/08/2015

//MOTD – Intestines 09/08/2015

MOTD – Intestines 09/08/2015

MOTD - Intestines

Now that you’ve gone through the process of consciously and energetically letting things go, there’s a very important next step to take.


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Your body has to know it’s ok to let go of everything you’ve held onto.

Physiologically we can see this manifest as being ‘backed up’, bloated, constipated or any issues surrounding your digestion. IBS is also connected to this.

Whenever we deal with the intestines we look at what topics, subjects, experiences or emotions are being held onto. And the greater problem is many people don’t even realise they are holding onto anything. They really just learn how to supress better and better.

Try this. Where you’re sitting, close your eyes and place your hands around your stomach and below. Speak to your body saying the following:

Let everything go.

It’s all ok now.

No need to hold onto anything else.


Then breathe deeply and with every exhalation consciously release further.


If you need more help or some deeper exercises into letting go, a private session will do this and more. Email: to book.

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