MOTD – Scorpio (Oct 23rd – Nov 22nd) 17/06/2015

//MOTD – Scorpio (Oct 23rd – Nov 22nd) 17/06/2015

MOTD – Scorpio (Oct 23rd – Nov 22nd) 17/06/2015

MOTD - Scorpio

The deep, mysterious and fiery waters of Scorpio rule today.


Scorpio, known for its secretive, loyal and controlling tendencies rules today.

Scorpio is also one of the most sexual signs and as such has a powerful connection to the lessons of this month, which as mentioned previously, are about romantic relating, relationships and sexual/sensuality.

Look at the themes of secrecy, control and the hidden. Ensure that you’re permitting yourself a level of transparency in your relationships. After all, how can people get close to you if you don’t let them truly ‘see’ you?

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I will be vulnerable and open!”

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