MOTD – You Are Gifted 28/12/2014

//MOTD – You Are Gifted 28/12/2014

MOTD – You Are Gifted 28/12/2014

MOTD - YouAreGifted!

The Spirit wants to finish this week by reminding you of your gifts – they’re amazing!


Today you should embrace, practice, perform and express your gifts – whatever they are.

The Spirit specifically wants me to type the following: “You have more gifts than you know. Don’t rest on what you’ve discovered. Dig deeper!”

These gifts are given to you to prepare you for everything that’s going to happen and come to you. The gifts you’ve been given allow you to succeed at these obstacles, challenges and projects, wherever and however they appear.

You’re fantastically talented. Show it!

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: “I open my eyes to see my amazing gifts!”

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