MOTD – Being Far Too Serious 10/12/2014

//MOTD – Being Far Too Serious 10/12/2014

MOTD – Being Far Too Serious 10/12/2014

MOTD - BeingFarTooSerious

Spirit has one simple directive for you today: what are you being serious about? Stop being serious!


Spirit wants to show you what will and can happen once you give yourself the gift of being a little silly, thereby choosing to not be serious.

Seriousness often leads people to the negative states of alignment. Stress, anxiety, worry, concern, attachment, and even anger.

When you choose to be a bit silly you’re connecting with the part of you that has already surrendered (yesterday’s lesson), and is free to enjoy the moment and the experience.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: “I will relax and find simple things to smile at”

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